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18 March 2007 @ 12:25 pm
InstallFest - LUV, BLUG, ODF, huh?  
BLUG: Ballarat Linux Users GroupYesterday we drove to Ballarat for LUV's 2nd Ballarat InstallFest - this year, Lev also organised a mini-conference to be held in conjunction with the install fest, and... it was all good.  Would have been good to get more people there with computers actually needing to be installed, but I was surprised by the number of people who just turned up with questions, wanting to take CDs away with software to try and install for themselves. You know, perhaps this is a good sign, you don't need to be an uber-guru-geek to install linux anymore - mostly.  Of course there are still snags, some hardware trickiness, some video-audio codec nastiness - but on the whole - pop in a CD - read - click - read - click, tweak... etc.  It's do-able.

I gave my ODF talk again.  Really badly. No, I mean really really badly.  I was tired, scattered, distracted. Just about everyone in the audience already knew about ODF - I should have gone into more detail on the digital preservation stuff, rather than the ODF stuff, and I should have revamped the talk totally for the audience.  But then, I think  there were only 5 or 7 ppl in the audience at that point, so it would have been a lot of effort - still, I think it's time I did a new talk. On what? hmmm.
Andrew wants me to do a talk for linux beginners... I don't know on what though. Will have to think about that.
Which leaves me to what I think is perhaps the most exciting thing about yesterday - being there to cheer on the formation of the Ballarat Linux Users Group - this has grown out the Ballarat chapter of Linux Users Victoria - and they're now ready to branch out and do their own thing. Which is Grouse.  So - welcome BLUG - to the aussie lug world. http://www.blug.asn.au

 So if you're in Ballarat - or you know someone in Ballarat, or Ballarat is within Coo-ee - then look em up - whether you're already using Linux, or just thinking about it... it's time to take the next step and get involved with your local community.
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