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Video: Linux Users of Victoria

I was reminded last night that I have failed to proclaim to the world that video of the November LUV talks is now online - and it is pretty darn good quality.  A huge thanks to Ben Balbo for his efforts in filming, encoding and uploading to BlipTV
Linux Users of Victoria
So - 1st up was Brianna Laugher - Hacking MediaWiki for Users
and 2nd was Russell Coker - Cloud Computing

Get 'em here: http://www.luv.asn.au/2008/11

I could link direct from here - but then you'd fail to see that the LUV site looks different.  Don't get excited though, this is just a staging post on the way to a glorious new destination and custom theme courtesy of Raena Jackson Armitage and Tim. As it happens, Raena spoke at the LUV December meeting, giving us a sneak peak of her Usability on a Beer Budget talk she's preparing for linux.conf.au - which looks to be a cracker.

Unfortunately, Ben was at OSDC, and we didn't quite pull together the resources to film the December talks - but we're hoping to regularly film our talks starting from Tues 3 Feb next year... So - those attending LCA and hanging about in Oz are very welcome to attend our Linux User Group meeting - all the details will be on the website.
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