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Victorian Education Ultranet

Ultranet Tender Media ReleaseFrom:     Donna Benjamin
To:          ultranet@edumail.vic.gov.au
Cc:         The Moodle Users' in Schools Mailing List, rodney gedda,
Subject:     Selective Tender for Ultranet
Date:     Wed, 19 Nov 2008 11:36:13 +1100

I note with interest the release of a selective tender for Ultranet with revised specifications. It is disappointing to see that Moodle, an Open Source, Australian developed learning management system already in use in many Victorian schools and widely used around the world, is not included.

 1. Was Moodle considered or consulted in the independent market sounding exercise?

 2. If Moodle was considered, why was it not included in the selective request for tender? What were the specific reasons for its exclusion from the new request for tender?

 3. Otherwise, why was Moodle not considered or consulted in the independent market sounding exercise?

I look forward to a prompt response. Any constructive and useful criticism of Moodle will be taken back to the development community who may be able to improve and further develop the product for the global user base.

yours sincerely,
Donna Benjamin

Donna Benjamin
President - Linux Users of Victoria - http://www.luv.asn.au
Education Spokesperson - Open Source Victoria - http://www.osv.org.au/
Member - Open Source Industry Australia -  http://osia.net.au
Executive Director - Creative Contingencies -  http://cc.com.au

"Open Source is arguably the most significant movement in the software
world of the past decade. Its impact is both pervasive and disruptive,
and the importance of Open Source solutions to government and business
organisations of all sizes continues to grow."
                     Prof. Bob Williamson, Scientific Director, NICTA
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